Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Big Red shines

Happy to tell the world that 'Big Red Kangaroo' received a Certificate of Commendation in the 2014 Whitley Awards.

The Whitley Awards are given each year by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW for outstanding publications relating to the fauna of Australia.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

SCBWI Flinders

Today, the Vic SCBWI quarterly meeting was in Flinders, on the Mornington Peninsula. The weather was glorious and I was there early enough to take  a few photos. 
The meeting was held in an old church hall and was well attended, particularly given how tricky it can be to get city bods to travel beyond the boundaries.
Wendy Orr talked about the challenges of writing the third Nim book after two movies with two different main characters ... each of whom 'became' Nim in their film. 
Serena Geddes talked about being a full time illustrator, the ups the downs and the in betweens. She talked about the support of her parents being offered in very different ways but both being instructive in her drive and success. 
After a luscious afternoon tea of tea, passionfruit sponge and chocolate cake, our third speaker was Jen Storer who talked about creating quirky characters. 
It was fascinating to hear that both Wendy and Jen's writing is character- rather than plot-driven: once they have their character sorted, then the story can begin. 
A good meeting, as they always are. 


Mushroom Reef, Flinders

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Spotted in Korea

on Nami Island, a picture book display. Thanks Ann for letting me know.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Book Week unexpected surprises

Surprise 1: Beautiful boats 'constructed' by preps after being read 'Ebi's Boat'

Surprise 2: This beautiful emu jumper, knitted by this young emu-fan's grandmother!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I've been to Canberra

 I was at the airport in time to see the sun rise.

The CBCA Book of the Year Award Ceremony was held at the National Library of Australia. Graham Byrne and I were thrilled to see in the bookshop multiple copies of both Crichton-winner Big Red Kangaroo and Emu. 

It was a bit tricky taking photos in a darkened auditorium, so I limited myself to this one and to the screen for the Crichton Award. 

 Big Red Kangaroo was in fine company with these short-listed books/illustrations, but I am thrilled to say that Graham Byrne won the 2014 Crichton Award for Big Red Kangaroo. HUZZAH!

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Yesterday, at Book & Paper Williamstown, Marjory Gardner officially launched Emu

The talented Danny Walsh, musician and singer with tooo many bands to mention, sang and played Old Man Emu (with audience participation of course!)

Wall projections by my husband, Kerry.

Marjory and Danny spruiking

Sue and Hannah, wonderful bookshop people

Danny demonstrating the mouth harp.

Bruce volunteering to be Danny's offsider. He had good tone, but was a little light on volume.

An emu nest cake.

Of course. :)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Flowerdale and Emu

On Thursday, I travelled to Flowerdale with Diana Lawrenson and Marjory Gardner for our fifth annual Literature Festival. Mark Wilson and Corinne Fenton were also there.

Each year we visit either Flowerdale or Buxton to present this festival. Schools are bussed in from other schools.

This year, I introduced 'Emu' to three groups: Prep/1/2; Gr 2/3; and Gr 5/6. The Gr 5/6 made a chicke/egg combo ... an egg that becomes a chicken and then folds down to become an egg again. (A new take on the 'What came first?' conundrum?)

The younger grades decorated eggs. As you see here.

 Abby provided camouflage for her eggs.

Love the colour theme here.

These eggs contain a chicken and an emu chick

Great images from a simple outline.