Sunday, 4 September 2016

Wild Pa is in the ... um ... wild

Saturday 3 pm at Little Bookroom and I finally got to meet Connah Brecon, illustrator of Wild Pa, and also coincidentally illustrator of 'Barking Barnacles' a first picture book project for us both. Due to circumstances, this book made it as far as final proofs but not to print. Spin the clock forward and here we are with Wild Pa, both happy to see our work in print. 

Loving the jungle back drop. Shall you read it, or shall I?

Okay, I'll do it.

Let's do it together. Good idea.

We tagged-teamed it, with me reading and Connah showing the pages.  I did have to keep stopping to show all the extra gags and details embedded in the images.

 I have no words ...

White paper fever ... happens to us all when faced with a blank page

Was his nose big?

He wore a cravat ...

Thank you Leesa, thank you Ian and Lesley. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate. Thank you Connah and Kimberly who paired us on this project so many years after that first book.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Book Week - all things large and small

Hillcrest Christian College certainly know how to make an author feel welcome! And a tiny bit overwhelmed - not used to seeing photos this big!

So many questions, mostly related to books and writing

Introducing Wild Pa

 and My Name is Lizzie Flynn

A warning to those who volunteer without knowing what for.

A Lizzie themed morning tea ...

and lunch.

Wild Pa aka pirate

Nothing like a bit of hair gel to give that certain shine

Here's to a bit of a song and dance

Sister school Rivercrest
Courtesy of CBCA Vic, I visited Pyalong PS, a small country school. These P&1 students drew amazing pictures of their grandfathers ... each one a story in itself.

In the afternoon, students created patchwork panels to be joined as a quilt. This work in progress is going to be amazing!


Before my visit, Pyalong teachers were working with my books. Mr C read just the words of 'There Was an Old Sailor' all the students (in three groups) and then invited them to make their own illustrations. And they certainly did - watch out little krill!

 Looks like Old Sailor is ready for dinner.

Love the belly

Just who is going to eat who? Love the Tshirt too

Old sailor is beautifully kitted out for his seatime adventure

Don't eat too fast ...

There's another burp

Love this! One student didn't know how to draw a sailor's hat, so she improvised.

When you are a lover of 'transport' and you are asked to draw the Old Sailor eating a fish ...

There's that burp again ...

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Papua New Guinea Book Week 2016

I was lucky recently to have an opportunity to visit Papua New Guinea with Tina Clark, Judy Horacek and Phil Kettle. There were some restrictions on our luggage allowance as we transitioned from our international flight to a smaller local plane. But as you can see, we managed.

We nearly lost Phil before we even reached our destination, but luckily the jungle gave him back.

This is the view from our guesthouse ...


... and the flowers in my room

This gentle giant guarded the guesthouse for us for several days.

This is Mt Lamington which last erupted in 1951 and is not due to erupt again until around 2051-ish. 


More of the view.

Judy and I spent our week at Hopis School, seeing all year levels each day. Some we saw solo, others we team-presented.

They were all very excited about Book Week.

There were so many beautiful flowers, it's no surprise there were gorgeous and huge butterflies - none of them consented to be photographed.

This is a bougainvillea - so vibrant and vigourous.

There was a welcome reception for us at Popondetta Secondary College, and there was cake!

Early stage one students proved very adept at boat-making.

Mt Lamington again, from a different perspective. Stunning.

Intrepid travellers: Phil, me, Tina and Judy.

Seed pod? Clogs? You decide.

Nursery for young palms

Even younger palm seedlings.

Pawpaw should only ever be eaten straight from the tree - so sweet.

Loved these tok pisin signs. If you read them out loud, you can probably work out the advertising claims.

Book Week celebrations complete with book readings.

 Book Week 2016 PNG style - note the three official languages. (there are 850 distinct languages ...)

Tip toe through the palm trees. Okay, Land Cruiser tip-toeing.

The patterning of these palms was stunning.

Almost, but not quite, ripe berries.

Ever wondered where WWII bombs ended up? Oro Bay. That's where. All detonated now.

Our chariot approaches.

Tina and Judy

Moi and Phil

 Breakfast in Port Moresby.

How sculpture-like are these leaves?

And last, but not least, frangipani.

We had a rich and rewarding stay in Oro Province and hope we get another chance to visit these wonderful schools, their students and teachers.